Saturday, August 3rd || EMBŪTE ⚔️ ROGAINING || Summer 2024

We invite you to enjoy an active walk this summer and embark on an adventure with friends, family, or colleagues at the EMBŪTE ⚔️ ROGAINING orienteering competition, which will take place on August 3, 2024, in the Embūte area.

There’s a saying: “The main thing is not to win, but…”, as I like to say: “To get into the top one!” However, if that doesn’t happen, the rich cultural history and beautiful nature of Embūte are reasons enough to head to the foot of Kurzeme’s “Everest” on August 3 to discover the wild, stunning world formed during the Ice Age.

A world where, 800 years ago, the love of the Crusader maiden Ārija and the Curonian ruler Indulis blossomed. A world where the future king of the Lithuanian Empire, Mindaugas, was defeated by the united forces of the Curonians and the Livonian Order. ⚔️❤️

A world that once had many castles and manors, all of which turned to ruins and ashes during the 1905 revolution, World War I, and the Courland Pocket of World War II. A world once surrounded by three nuclear missile bases, whose military significance continues to this day.

The “gold seekers'” dug-up grave mounds and the shot-down, broken grave crosses, the piles of war shells stacked by loggers at the edges of clearings, sea eagles viewed from above, fern groves, wild boars, deer, and beavers in Embūte’s forests are familiar sights that one gets used to, creating the unique charm that makes you want to return.

Terrain and Historical Image Gallery


See more pictures of the terrain and Embūte's history


Competition Center will be located in the South Kurzeme Forestry, Krīvukalna district, compartment 77, approximately 7 km southeast of Kalvene.

Google maps link:

Participants will be offered a 6-hour time limit course covering 40 km2. The course will feature distinctive terrain and extremely varied natural conditions - from ferns towering 2 meters above your head to the aesthetic reflections of swamp lakes.

The terrain has been shaped by the last two ice ages (>10,000 BC), whose melting ice waters have created a network of larger and smaller ravines in the fairly loose gravel-clay soil.

The start of EMBŪTE ROGAINING 2024 summer countdown:

✅ Competition Program:

⚔️ Registration on the day of the competition from 10:00 
⚔️ Map distribution for planning at 11:00

⚔️ Start at 12:00

⚔️ Finish at 18:00 (sunset on August 3 at 21:39).

⚔️ Meals from 18:00 - 20:00

⚔️ Award ceremony at 19:00,

✅ Competition Rules

Participants of the Embūte rogaining must follow the rules approved by the Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF) and the International Rogaining Federation (IRF). These can be viewed and downloaded on the website here: >> LOF rules *, IRF rules *

Differences from IRF and LOF technical standards

LOF: 8.(h), IRF: B5(h) point about the prohibition of dogs at the competition site. They are allowed at the competition site and can accompany on the course. The dog's behavior is the responsibility of its owner.

LOF: 17., IRF: B15. point about the whistle. A whistle is not mandatory for the team. However, it is recommended for each team member.

IRF: C4(a) The competition map scale will be 1:20,000, which is more detailed than the specified 1:24,000 to 1:64,000.

IRF: C11 states that the control point marker should be 0.5 to 2 meters high and visible from at least 25 meters. However, to make the competition more interesting, the CP marker placement may differ from this standard at certain locations. 


‍‍‍ Participants:

A team consists of 2 to 3 people, who compete in an age and gender-appropriate start group.

‍‍‍ Participant Groups

In the summer version of the Embūte rogaining, a 6-hour course is available. It will be like a long-distance sprint in an exciting terrain where beautiful and runnable forests alternate with denser thickets and expressive terrain.
MO, WO, XO (men, women, and mixed teams - open group);

MV, WV, XV (men, women, and mixed teams - veterans from 45 years old);

F14 (family group, where one member is 18 or older and one is up to 14 years old inclusive);

Additional information for participant groups

The date for determining the appropriate veteran group age is January 1, 2024.

Individual participants compete out of competition. However, if there are fewer than 3 regular teams in the respective age group, individual participants will be evaluated in the overall standings.

Youngsters up to 14 years old participate together with someone older than 18 years.

A written permission from parents is required for minors if they compete separately from adults.


Participation Fee per Person:

  • Registering by the evening of July 22 (24:00) the participation fee is 32 €;
  • Registering from July 23 to the evening of July 29 (24:00) the participation fee is 36 €;
  • Registering from July 30 the participation fee is 40 €.
  • Youths under 18 years old get a 10 € discount

Additional Information on Participation Fee

Payment Methods for Participation Fee

When filling out the team registration form, you must indicate one of the following payment methods:

  • by bank transfer,
  • at the competition center before the start.

Refund of Participation Fee

By canceling participation, the team receives a refund of the participation fee in full, less the following commission fee per team.

  • by the evening of July 22 - 5 €
  • from July 23 to the evening of July 29 - 10 €
  • from July 30 - 15 €
  • If the team has not paid and cancels participation, it must transfer the appropriate commission fee according to the cancellation date.

Bank Transfer Details:

SIA “Purva Pasaule”
Reg. No.: 40203402974
 Address: Uzvaras iela 7-30, Jelgava, LV-3001
 Bank: AS “SEB banka”
Account: LV54UNLA0055003044733

Payment information:
Participation fee for Embūte rogaining for team ABC.., No. XXX

  • The participation fee covers competition preparation, map printing, referee work, catering, prize fund, competition center rental, and other organizational expenses.
  • SI card rental fee is 1 € (if you don't have your own).


Control Point Punching:

The punching system is SPORTIdent. Each team member must use their own SI card. If you do not have an SI card, it can be rented from the organizers for a fee of 1 euro.

Additional Information on Control Point Punching
  • For the 3-hour rogaining, all types of SI cards (SI-5, SI-6, SI-8, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11, SIAC1) can be used, as it is expected to visit up to 30 control points.
  • For the 6-hour rogaining, only SI-6, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11, SIAC1 can be used, as it is expected to visit more than 30 control points. There will be up to 50 control points in total.
  • The SI card is attached to the participant's wrist with a special bracelet. The team loses its result if the bracelet breaks during the competition. The SI card is removed by the referees after the finish.
  • If a CP station doesn't work, send a message to +371 267 61 807, indicating the team number, start group, CP number that doesn't work, and the CP number you are coming from. (Example: 101M8, 43 from 52).
  • All team members must punch at the specific control point within 1 minute.


Recommended Equipment:

  • Compass.
  • Mobile phone in a waterproof case.
  • Terrain map - will be moisture-resistant M 1:20,000, H 4m.
  • SI card (if you don't have one, it will be provided at registration)
  • Spare jacket for cold, rain, and wind, if such conditions arise.
Medical Assistance
  • First aid kit, consisting of (for example: Comsi aerosol to clean and disinfect the wound, antibiotic powder or ointment to apply to the wound, cotton wool, self-adhesive gauze bandages will be more convenient to use).
  • If an injury is sustained, then avoiding starchy foods will help prevent inflammation. These include all grain-seed products and root vegetables. More effective recovery will also be promoted by inhaling and exhaling through the nose, not the mouth. According to the Bohr/Haldane effect, this will help maintain optimal CO2 and O2 levels in the blood and their exchange in cells.
  • The emergency service phone number is 112. However, it will be difficult for them to find you in the forest, and you to give the exact address where you are. Stating GPS coordinates may also not help. It can take 3 or more hours. Therefore, in an emergency, also call the organizers at +371 267 61 807.


Activities During the Competition

During the competition, participants are guided by and act according to the IRF rules (in English) and  LOF rules (in Latvian).

Competition Map

  • Specially drawn for rogaining competitions in 2018 - 2021, using LIDAR and AS LVM data.
  • The planned map scale is M 1:20,000, H 4m
  • Control point planning by: Atis Luguzs
  • Competition map author: Raimonds Lapiņš

Result Evaluation

  • Evaluation is carried out in accordance with LOF and IRF rogaining rules.
  • The best team is considered to be the one that has visited the most CPs, or in the case of an equal number of CPs, spent less time on the course.
  • Control points will have values ranging from 2 to 10 points. The first number of the CP indicates the value of the CP (for example CP 47 - 4 points, CP 97 - 9 points).
  • The SI bracelet is removed by referees when reading the results. In the case of a broken bracelet, the team loses its result.
  • The competition time limit is 6 hours.
  • For every 1 minute over the time limit, 1 point is deducted. The minute interval is counted from the first second.

Registration for Participation:

The team registration form is available on the website here:

Registered Teams

The list of teams can be viewed on the website here:


By submitting an application, the competition participant confirms that they agree with the conditions of these regulations, undertake to comply with them, and are aware of their responsibility for personal safety on the course, without raising claims against the competition organizers for possible injuries that may be sustained due to lack of experience, underestimation of conditions, negligence of the participant or other competitors.
For children and youngsters under 18 years old, their legal representatives or coaches are responsible for their health and safety on the courses.

Personal Data Regulations

According to the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, by submitting an application, the participant gives permission to the organizer: 
to collect and publish their personal data (name, surname, year of birth) in the list of teams and results of the "Embūtes rogaining 2020" competition.

to publish photos and video materials taken during the event on the competition website and


Competition Director and Idea Author:

Atis Luguzs
Tel. +371 267 61 807

Competition Supporters:

Organizing Team:

  • Competition Director: Atis Luguzs
  • Participant Data and Results Processing: Krista Strautniece
  • Participant Registration: Daiga Rīgava,
  • Map Author: Raimonds Lapiņš
  • Control Point Planners: Aivis Šiliņš, Arne Lūsis, Ričards Zīberts


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