Accommodation and Getting to Embūte rogaining

  • Global location – eastern Europe, Latvia.
  • The event centre will take place at the Embute Ecotourism Center (Coordinates: 56.505, 21.819). Google map:
  • There are few rooms available on the second floor of Tourism centre. One small bedroom with double bed is still free (on Feb.5). There are a kitchen and shower also accessible.
    • Contact phone:+371 26632134 (Dina)


  • It is possible to stay overnight at the 6 km distant Bakūze Manor in Vībiņi, where you will also find a kitchen and a shower. 
    • Contact: +371 29392297 (Thomas).



  • Interestingly, you can also take a bus from Riga to Bakūze Manor, the route Riga – Vaiņode – Liepāja. Stop by the roadside at Vībiņi (16:45 from Riga – 20:06 in Vībiņi). Back early in the morning (5:22 from Vībiņi – 8:43 in Riga)
  • Other accommodations in Vaiņode district: >>

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