Embūte Winter Rogaine 2020, February 29

Multisports.lv invites you to enjoy an adventure together with your friends, family, or work colleagues in the Orienteering competition – Embūte Winter Rogaining 2020 on February 29, around settlement Embūte at Courland region of Latvia. The event will take place for the 6th time since 2015 at the Center of Nature park “Embūte”. Participants could choose between 4, 8 or 12-hour time limit distances within an area of 120 square kilometres.

Event organiser:

  • Multisports.lv
  • Event manager: Atis Luguzs
    • Tel. +371 267 61 807
    • e-mail: atis.luguzs@gmail.com

Event Supporters

Event program <<<<

  • Date: February 29, 2020.
  • Event centre: Tourism information centre “Embūte”
  • Address: Embūte, Embūtes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads, LV-3436; 
  • Contacts: tel. +371 26632134 (Dina), embutes.tic@inbox.lv
  • Coordinates: 56.505, 21.819. See in Google Map here:
  • Registration from 9:00 a.m. (at Embūte tourism information centre),
  • Maps for the route planning will be issued on registration from 9:00 am
  • 12:00 Start for all groups and courses
  • 16:00 Finish for 4-hour course.
  • Catering is available from 16:00. The menu includes soup, drink and sweet bread.
    • Catering for fans also will be available for a fee of 4 €.
  • 17:00 Prizegiving ceremony for the 4-hour course.
  • 20:00 Finish for 8-hour course.
  • 21:00 Prizegiving ceremony for the 8-hour course.
  • 24:00 Finish for 12-hour course.
  • 24:30 Prizegiving ceremony for the 12-hour course.

Competition rules

Embutes Rogaining participants must comply with Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF), and International Rogaining Federation (IRF) approved rules. You can view and download them on Rogaining.lv website here: >> LOF rules *, IRF rules *

Embūte Winter Rogaining is also a competition of the Latvian Rogaine Cup 2020

* Differences from IRF rules of rogaining

  • LOF: 8. (h), IRF: B5 (h). Dogs are prohibited at the event site.
    They are allowed at the competition site and may follow the team in the course. In any case, the behaviour of the dog is the responsibility of its owner.
  • LOF: 17., IRF: B15. Each competitor shall carry a whistle. It isn’t mandatory. However, it’s helpful if every team member has a whistle.
  • IRF: C4 (a) The map shall: Be at a scale between 1:24,000 and 1:64,000.
    For the competition map, it will be 1:20,000.
  • IRF: C11 … the marker shall be generally visible from at least 25 metres in most directions in clear daylight and shall be between 0.5 and 2 metres above the ground (preferably near eye level) and easily reached.
    However, for some unique checkpoints to add some adventure to the competition, marker’s placement might differ from this rule. 

Competition area

The competition area (~ 120 km2) lies in the southwest part of Latvia – West Courland Highlands, Embute Hills. Not far from the competition centre is Kurzeme’s highest hill – Krievukalns (190m a.s.l.)

Embūtes rogaininga apvidus Balticmaps.lv kartē



  • The team shall consist of 2 to 5 people, who register to a start group according to the age and sex of the participants.

Start Groups

The 4-hour (short) distance is for those who want a more dynamic race and get to the finish faster. The shorter length means more complex time planning and more intense workout.

  • MJ4, WJ4, XJ4 (juniors, juniors and mixed teams under 23);
  • MO4, WO4, XO4 (men, women and mixed teams – open group);
  • MUV4, WUV4, XUV4 (men, women and mixed teams – ultra-veterans over 65);
  • F4 (a family group with one member aged 18 or over and one member up to and including 13;)

The 8-hour (middle) distance is long enough to provide a comprehensive picture of the Embute area, ravines, hills and wetlands. It gives enough time to visit at least half of the checkpoints placed on the unique natural and cultural heritage sites.

  • MO8, WO8, XO8 (men, women and mixed teams – open group);
  • MV8, WV8, XV8 (men, women and mixed teams – veterans over 40);
  • MSV8, WSV8, XSV8 (men, women and mixed teams – super veterans over 55);
  • Ultra-veteran (over 65) groups participate in the 4-hour race.

The 12-hour (long) distance will give a chance to visit all checkpoints in the competition area. The maximum length of the race on straight lines is 70 kilometres, which will be about 100 km in nature.

  • MO12, WO12, XO12 (men, women and mixed teams – open group);

  • The date to determine the entry age for Veteran and Youth Start groups is February 29, 2020.
  • Individuals participate in the overall rating if the regular teams of a particular start group are less than 3.
  • Young people under 14 participate with someone over 18.
  • Parental written permission is required for juveniles if they start separately.
  • Changes in team composition are free of charge.

Punching at checkpoints:

  • The punching system is SPORTIdent. Each team member must use their own SI card. If you do not have your own SI card, you can rent it from the organizers for a fee of 1 euro.
  • All types of SI cards (SI-5, SI-6, SI-8, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11, SIAC1) are available for 4-hour rogaining. You’ll be able to visit up to 30 checkpoints.
  • Only SI-6, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11, SIAC1 are acceptable in 8 and 12-hour rogaining. There will be a total of 47 checkpoints in nature.
  • The SI card will be attached to the participant’s wrist by a special cuff. The team loses its result if the bracelet breaks during the competition. Only referees remove SI card from the participant’s wrist after the finish.
  • Send a message to +371 26761807 if a CP station doesn’t work. Include team number, start group, number of broken CP and CP number you are coming from in the message. (Sample: 101M8, 43 from 52).
  • All members of one team at a given checkpoint punch within 1 minute. Otherwise, the checkpoint doesn’t count.

Recommended inventory:

  • Compass.
  • Mobile phone in waterproof packaging.
  • Terrain map – will be moisture resistant, you will get it 2 hours before the start. M 1:20,000, H 4m.
  • SI card, (if you do not have one, you will receive one at registration)
  • Use a thermos with a warm drink.
  • A spare jacket against cold, rain and wind, if any.
  • Food: There are two main options –
    • Keto, fat-based (non-cereal and sugar-free);
    • Carbohydrate based (energy bars and alike) will have higher peak power and speed in this case but will the risk of error, injury and following infection would increase.
  • Think especially about feet, so they are warm. The mountain valley area is heavily springy and swampy. An alternative to expensive thermal socks is sock-bag-sock-bag-sock. This system is even more heated when wet.
    • To protect your feet from the effects of moisture, it’s a good idea to rub them with a thick cream such as coconut oil before the race.
  • Medical care kit consisting of (e.g., Hydrogen Peroxide 3% or Comsi Spray to clean and disinfect the wound, antibiotic powder or ointment to be applied to the injury, cotton wool, self-adhesive gauze bandages).
  • We do not recommend to use painkillers. If something seriously hurts, call evacuation.

Actions during the race

During the race, participants follow and act according to IRF rules (English) and LOF rules (Latvian).

Competition map

  • Especially for Embūte Winter Rogaining drawn map from 2018 to 2020 years.
  • The size of the map will be 600 x 900 mm (23.62 x 35.43 inches), printed on one side and laminated on both sides. Team has a map for each participant, plus one planning map.
  • The map scale is M 1:20 000, which is slightly detailed than standard 1:24 000.
    • Contour interval is  H 4 metres
  • Course planning: Atis Luguzs
  • Map author: Raimonds Lapiņš
  • The North portion of the area will be on one side of the map and the South part on the other. The race centre will be visible on both sides of the sheet.
  • Each participant gets one laminated, two-sided distance map. The team will also have one set of planning sheets (for North and South areas), one-sided, non-laminated.

Evaluation of results

  • Scoring happens by IRF and LOF rogaining rules.
  • Up to 47 checkpoints will be in the race area, with values between 2 and 10 points. The first number in the KP indicates the value of the KP (for example, KP 47 – 4 points, KP 97 – 9 points).
  • Those who gather the highest sum of points wins the race. In case of a similar number, the faster team wins.
  • The team loses its result if the bracelet breaks during the competition. Only referees remove SI card from the participant’s wrist after the finish.
  • Race time limits are 4, 8 and 12 hours.
  • For each overdrawn 1 minute is subtracted 1 point. The minute interval starts with the first second.

Application for participation:

The team application form is available on Rogaining.lv page here: https://www.rogaining.lv/r/Embute/?registration=enter&lang=eng

Registered commands

For the list of teams see Rogaining.lv page:


Entry Fee

4-hour distance (1 participant)

Start groupAge of participantUntil Feb.17 24:00Feb.18 – Feb.24 24:00From Feb.25
MO4, WO4, XO4Men, Women, Mixed Open (4h)Not limited24 €29 €34 €
MUV4, WUV4, XUV4Men, Women, Mixed Ultra veteran (4h)65 years of age or over19 €24 €29 €
MJ4, WJ4, XJ4Men, Women, Mixed Youth (4h)under 23 years of age14 €19 €24 €
F4Family (4h)no 18 g.v.
un līdz 13 gadiem
19 €

0 €

24 €

0 €

29 €

0 €


8-hour distance (1 participant)

Start groupAge of participantUntil Feb.17 24:00Feb.18 – Feb.24 24:00From Feb.25
MO8, WO8, XO8Men, Women, Mixed Open (8h)Not limited24 €29 €34 €
MV8, WV8, XV8Men, Women, Mixed Veteran (8h)40 years of age or over24 €29 €34 €
MSV8, WSV8, XSV8Men, Women, Mixed Super Veteran (8h)55 years of age or over19 €24 €29 €

12-hour distance (1 participant)

Start groupAge of participantUntil Feb.17 24:00Feb.18 – Feb.24 24:00From Feb.25
MO12, WO12, XO12Men, Women, Mixed Open (12h)Not limited29 €34 €39 €

The payment method of the participation fee

  • When filling out the team registration form, you must specify one of the following methods of payment:
    • with Bank transfer,
    • in cash at the race centre before the start.
  • When applying after February 25th, the entry fee is payable only in cash on the day of the race.

Refund of the entry fee

  • Upon cancellation, the team will receive a full refund of the entry fee minus such commission.
    • until February 17 evening 0 €,
    • from February 18 to February 24 evening 5 €,
    • from February 25, € 10.
  • If the team hasn’t paid and refuses to participate, it is obliged to transfer the relevant commission according to the date of refusal.

Payment properties via bank transfer:

  • To: Algenta IK
  • Reg. No: 43602020079
  • Address: Uzvaras 7-30, Jelgava, LV-3001
  • Bank: AS SEB “Latvijas Unibanka”,
  • SWIFT code: UNLALV2X
  • Account: LV54UNLA0050009630815

The payment information shall include:
Participation fee in Embute rogaining for team ABC, no. XXX

  • Entry fees cover event preparation, card printing, refereeing, catering, prize fund, competition centre rent and other organizational expenses.
  • SI card rental fee is 1 € (if you don’t have your own).


  • The winners of the first three places in each start group will be awarded medals, diplomas and commemorative prizes.
  • 17:00 – 4h distance award ceremony
  • 21:00 – 8h distance award ceremony
  • 24:30 – 12h distance award ceremony


  • The participant confirms and agrees to the terms and conditions of this regulation, and is aware of personal responsibility for the state of health, possible accidents or injuries during the race.
  • Parents or legal representatives are responsible for the health and safety of children and youth under 18 years of age at the competition.

Rules of personal data

According to REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL, the participant grants event organiser to:

  • collect personal data (name, surname, year of birth) and publish it in the team list and race results.
  • publish photos and videos taken during the event on the competition website Multisports.lv and Facebook.com.

Team of organisers:

  • Event manager: Atis Luguzs
    • Tel. +371 267 61 807
    • email: atis.luguzs@gmail.com
  • Processing of data and results: Krista Strautniece
  • Registration of participants: Daiga Rīgava, Signe Sirmā
  • Map author: Raimonds Lapiņš
  • Masters of checkpoints: Aivis Šiliņš, Jānis Andersons
  • Transport support: Arne Lūsis, Dairis Dābols
  • Dinner team: Inguna Leiškalne, Velta Zjatkova, Māra Bolšteina
  • Photographer: Lolita Kalniņa


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